On-going Transactions


A magnificent edifice overlooking the Radio House, ‘moulded’ and lying in it’s own lovely garden filled with historic shady pine trees and well paved driveway.
Once you step beyond the heavy metal and glass doors and walk into the foyer, outside of the very high ceiling and marble floor, you are lured to walk up either one of the well laid stair cases on both sides of you or to explore a hooded door way to your far right. Otherwise, walk straight across through the huge double doors in front of you into the main conference hall, the Africa Hall.
All these doors and stairways open up to the endless options of International Conference Centre.

The interior has tastefully decorated Conference rooms; varied facilities and high standard of service all contribute to its relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Luxurious, spacious and centrally located, the stylish cosmopolitan Conference Centre offers an extensive range of modern facilities and services.

Options that the interior of this architectural masterpiece maybe put to are endless imagine it in a banquet setting, as an in-door exhibition hall or set for a concert.

Niger & Benue halls positioned on the ground floor have complete compliment of conferencing facilities to include presentation screen, projector and individual highly sensitive microphone. The chairs are quite comfortable and the floor is fully carpeted. When arranged in Committee setting, each can seat about 80 persons otherwise, in a conference formation, Rach hall can hold about 150 persons.


AICC has specialized facilities provided for use for both Government and public functions. In this regard, a high standard of service is expected from the facilities, and this comes at substantial sums.

The International Conference Centre compound is fenced with dwarf concrete walls
together with metal grills painted in white Texcote. 2nos. double leaf gates with security posts provide entrance to the expansive compound and magnificent building from Herbert Marcauley Way and Moshood Abiola Way. The compound is landscaped with varieties of ornamental flowers and hedges, an evergreen lawn area, paved compound with asphalt and interlocking concrete blocks, giving it an aesthetically welcoming view from outside.
Other features of the building front include a water fountain tiled in granite and a flag
stand directly overlooking the main entrance.

The magnificent conference centre building has a parabolic shaped roof of aluminum
sheets with the national Coat of Arms on the fascia and glazed glass with 4no. anodized double swing doors providing entrance to the building. The walls are covered with padded paper, carpet and concrete panels. The swing doors and windows are aluminum and the floors are finished in granite, ceramic tiles and rug carpets.

  1. Main Conference Hall (Africa Hall)
  2. Committee Rooms
  3. Office Accommodation
  4. Foyer
  5. Executive Session Hall
  6. VIP Lounge
  7. Mezzanine Floor
  8. Gallery
  9. Banquet Hall/Kitchen
  10. Basement

Additional facilities under consideration for the Centre include (but are not limited to);
• A well equipped business service centre.
• A medical First Aid service.
• A bank ATM and foreign exchange facility.
• On-site technology facilities including high-speed Internet access
• Built-in projection systems with computer graphic capabilities
• Satellite down-linking
• Videoconferencing facilities
• 2 Nos Boreholes with overhead storage tanks.
• Utility vehicles and a Water tanker truck