Reviewed Investor's Guide 2006

Investor’s Guide 2006 – Conclusion

The number and diversity of the Public enterprises profiled in this Investors’ guide highlight the zest with which the Bureau of Public Enterprises seeks to provide all potential investors improved professional assistance in terms of an illumined direction towards acquiring the enterprises which best match their resources and expertise. The Bureau is thus seeking to achieve optimal and greater success than hitherto by fast-tracking the implementation of the privatisation programme as a key component of Nigeria’s Economic Reforms with a responsible sense of urgency. The success required for privatising these very large and complex enterprises is anchored on the compelling need to release access to the capital resources that have been tied in them over several decades. These resources are not only impossible to re-generate but the opportunity costs have also become unacceptably high if the economy is to achieve a faster turn-around.

This document has thus been prepared painstakingly as a necessary tool for increasing the success of the privatisation programme because it offers all potential investors an unusual depth and scope of the marketing capacity and capability of the key enterprises vis-à-vis their foundational business vision, mission and strategy along with the essential background information on their sectors. The comprehensiveness of the data on these enterprises should offer all customer groups a productive congruence of interest towards increasing their level of participation in the privatisation programme. This expected effect will be manifested in the number and quality of response to the Expressions of Interest at the start of each enterprise’s privatisation process.

Certainly this expectation will increase the level of competitiveness among the investors with a view to matching the right/credible investors to the right enterprises at the right prices in order to strengthen their post-sale market values/positions. Thus in a benefit-for-benefit paradigm, the best of the investors will acquire the enterprises which match them best and Nigeria will also attract the best investors. The expected multiplier effect of the increased volume and improved quality of output of these enterprises by the new owner-managers will accelerate the tempo of the re-structuring of the economy.

As Nigeria truly becomes a ‘global market place’ by magnetising investors from all corners of the world through this very fast channel of privatisation, we in the Bureau of Public Enterprises strongly recommend this Investors’ guide as the primary ‘road map’ for each investor to access it smoothly and profitably. If the investors take advantage of this excellent support, our efforts and resources in providing it would have been well justified.


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